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How to Use USAJOBS

I remember going to USAJOBS the first time and thinking how confusing it is to find and apply for a government job. I just wanted someone to walk me through the process one time so I would know what to do. At first I couldn’t even figure out how to use the USAJOBS.gov website. What jobs should I be looking for? How do I setup the search agent? How do I read a Job Advertisement? How long should my resume be?

Applying for Jobs

After getting some help from a friend familiar with the USAJOBS website process I started to apply to jobs I was qualified for. Now I had new questions. How long after a job advertisement closes will it take to hear something? Why was I never getting referred to the selecting official? Why did some jobs close, get canceled and then another job that looked exactly the same get advertised?

Writing and Formatting a Federal Resume

My friend helped me again with the application process and showed me how to customize my resume for the job advertisement. Now I started getting referred to the selecting official but then never got called for an interview. Sometimes I would call the contact number for the HR office serving the agency advertising the job to see what I could have done better to get called for an interview.

Interview Prep

Eventually I did get called for an interview and the next set of questions for this level came up. How do I prepare for a job interview with the Federal Government? Are there questions I can practice my answers to? How should I dress? Where is the office where the interview will be actually located? How do I act during the interview? What questions should I ask at the end of the interview?

Post Interview and Offer

After walking out of my first interview I then hit the next wall of uncertainty. Should I send a thank you letter or email? Oh no! I was so nervous during the panel interview I don’t think I got all of their names. After a couple of weeks I started to get pessimistic and assumed I didn’t get the job. Then I found out the process can takes weeks or even months after the interview. Weeks later I would see an email notice that someone else had been selected. Then finally, after months of work i got a tentative offer letter offering me the job.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If you have been struggling with the Federal Job application process then let me help you the way my friend helped me learn how to get a Federal Job offer.

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